Company Vision

Smoke N Memories gives us the ability to create an electric atmosphere and unforgettable memories for so many people. We aim to make a bigger impact in the community through Veteran advocacy, charity involvement, and other avenues to inspire others to grow!

Cigars demand an hour plus of your time and force you to slow down and unwind. Whether solo, or socially, there is no right or wrong. There’s no better way to bring together friends, family, and good company through the relaxation and deep conversations over a good cigar.

Cigars have been around along time and are full of history and art that should be appreciated. The meticulous process takes time and goes through over 100 hands before final product sees customers.

Your most vivid memories are triggered most by aromas and smell throughout your life, just like the aroma of a premium cigar; leaving a forever impression and therefore creating a spark of intense emotion and unforgettable memories. What better way to pair a cigar with than a glass of bourbon. 

*10% discount for military/veterans and 5% of all proceeds go to veterans charities and non-profits.

Brandon Harris – Owner

Brandon is an accomplished Marine Combat Veteran. After completing 3 tours, most recent being Iraq in 2017-2018, he decided that his passion and vision was much greater than just military service.

Now, an Entrepreneur and father of 3 girls, he leads by example and thrives off of assisting in the development and success of others. On his free time you will see him spending quality family time, watching sports, hosting events and masterminds, or with a good bourbon paired with a complimented stick. 

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